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Nodal Ninja Pole Rotator 90/60/45/36/30/15 Degrees Click Stops (F7114V)

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SKU F7119
Pole Rotator Click Stops

Pole Rotator is designed to rotate Pole Series 1 or 2 on the ground or in the Pole Tripod Adapter System sold separately. Rotator is sealed to ensure long life and to prevent dust from the ground to appear in the rotator.

Features: Sealed, compact, low cost, with detent strength optimized for pole use.

Four different detent intervals are available (select 1):

  • 90 degree stops for 4 shots per 360 degrees (F7119)
  • 60 degree stops for 6 shots per 360 degrees (F7118)
  • 45 degree stops for 8 shots per 360 degrees (F7117)
  • 36 degree stops (F7116)
  • 30 degree stops (F7115)
  • 15 degree stops (F7114)

To ensure good friction against surface a Pole Foot Plate must be attached to the rotator (purchase separately).