Nodal Ninja Replacement Ring For Rotator Mini V1

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SKU F1210
RM Click Stops

Rotator Mini Replacement Ring for changing the stop interval of a Rotator Mini V1.

Rotator Mini V1 is being discontinued. New version is the V2 Rotator Mini and its V2 detent rings. It is worth noting that the V1 detent rings also work on the new rotator mini V2 in which case the Rotator Mini functions as if was the old version V1. V2 detent rings can also be used on old Rotator Mini V1.

Available options (select 1)

  • 90 degrees (4 stops) - F1210
  • 60 degrees (6 stops) - F1211 (sold out)
  • 45 degrees (8 stops) - F1214 (sold out)
  • 36 degrees (10 stops) - F1212 (sold out)
  • 30 degrees (12 stops) - F1213 (sold out)


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