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Freedom 360 Stackable Weights

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The stackable counter weights allow you to balance a monopod to act like a simplified steadycam device. Each of the weights is about 0.5kg and has a male and female 3/8" connector, making them easily stackable, and attacheable to any gear such as the end of a Freedom 360 Pole / Monopod or any other photographic equipment. Adding more weights allows you to hold a monopod closer to the “heavy end” and therefore extending the reach of your Freedom360, while holding it comfortable at the center of gravity without the additional strain to hold it steady. 3x 0.5kg weights are usually a good number to use.



Alternate use

Alternatively, you can add 1-3 weights to the end of the Freedom 360 Monopod, and attach the Freedom 360 Tripod to the bottom of the weights. This will give the free-standing monopod some more heft, and make it more bottom heavy, adding a bit more stability. They can also be used as very solid vertical offsets for 360 gigs and systems. They also work as individual stands for small items, i.e. small table-top studio lights, making them a rather versatile tool.


Items included

  • 3x 0.5kg weights, black-anodized aluminum
  • 3/8-16 M/F connectors
  • 63mm dia, 59mm tall

The male 3/8"-16 set screw is permanently bonded into the counter weights.