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Nodal Ninja R1 Adjustable Tilt + Rotator RD10 SP + Lens Ring

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Nodal R1 package with RD10 SP Advanced Rotator and Lens Ring. R1 is a single row panoramic head designed for capturing 360-degree photos with circular and full frame fisheye lenses. RD10 SP is an advanced precision rotator with 10, 15, 36, 60, 90 degree interchangeable detent options and pan lock.

Note: RD10 SP replaces now discontinued RD5 rotator (F1162).


    Nodal Ninja R1 Features and Highlights

    • Universal for all circular and full frame fisheye lenses
    • Arca-Swiss Style quick release design
    • 8 precise on-the-fly tilting options (-15, -10, -7.5, -2.5, 0, +5, +7.5, +12.5 deg)
    • Rolling the camera/lens in any position including the popular 0, 60 and 90 degree positions
    • Lens clamp permanently mounted to lens making reproducible mounting possible, and much quicker to set up
    • Different cameras can be used on the same lens without adjusting any settings
    • Compact and lightweight
    • Mount directly to a monopod or high pole
    • Much easier to use than Nodal Ninja 3 and 4 Series
    • Small nadir footprint
    • Built-in spirit level

    Main features of Nodal Ninja Advanced RD10 Rotator

    Nodal Ninja RD10 SP Advanced Rotator (replaces older RD5 rotator) is the answer to customer who need a small compact rotator with many options of interchangeable detent intervals. It achieves the best balance of size and versatility.

    RD10 SP is a compact and lightweight rotator with 5 options ranging from 90 to 10 degrees that can be changed quickly. Upgrade to 10 options is possible by adding a second plunger/knob. The range of intervals is suitable for fisheye, wide angle and telephoto lenses up to 200mm equivalent focal length.

    • Made from imported premium quality aluminum alloy.
    • Precision CNC machined components
    • Lubricated bearings for smooth rotation
    • Laser engraved markings
    • Detent interval (click stop) option can be changed on the fly.
    • More than 10 kg (22lbs) loading supported.
    • Detent interval can be changed in seconds on the fly
    • Knob for locking rotation
    • Ideal for making 360x180 full spercial panorams
    • Great in windy locations
    • Very small nadir footprint
    • Diameter of 53mm provides sufficient precision and stability while keeping the nadir footprint small.
    • The unique placement of knobs means that they will never appear in the spherical panos

     Package Includes

    • Nodal Ninja R1 Adjustable Tilt Panoramic Head
    • Lens Ring for your selected lens consisting of: Metal lens ring clamp, inner plastic insert and arca-swiss style plate. All necessary tools and a guide to install to your lens are included.
    • Advanced rotator RD10 with 10, 15, 36, 60 and 90 degree interchangeable detent options and pan lock
    • Pouch for carrying
    • 3/8"-1/4" thread tripod adapter
    • Hex keys
    • Misc parts

    Weight: 485 grams 


    Optional Accessories (not included)

    • R1/R10 Zenith/Nadir Adapter for taking the down and up shot with Nodal Ninja Ultimate R series heads
    • Add a second optional spirit level that allows rotation to the side and back for better viewing
    • An external level with a compass
    • Add an Arca Swiss rail stop for remembering no parallax point