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Nodal Ninja 4 Standard Rotator

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Nodal Ninja Series 4 Standard Rotator is included in the Starter Package by default. Will also fit the discontinued Nodal Ninja 5(L) series. The rotator uses interchangeable brass detent rings to customize detent interval. Robust and precision built to last many years. Swapping out detent rings is quick and easy.

Package includes
NN4/5 Standard Rotator
1x preinstalled detent ring for 10º/12º click stops 
Detent Plunger Knob (for adjusting clicking strength)
Rotator Lock Knob (for preventing rotation)
Nodal Ninja 4 or Nodal Ninja 5 Top Logo Screw 
3/8-1/4 Adapter For Tripod Screw

Rotator Detent Rings 

Detent rings are useful for setting the click stop interval of the rotator. It is very easy to disassemble the rotator and change the detent ring. Note that there is only one included detent ring for 10º/12º click stops in the package.

If you need other variants of click stops see NN4 rotator rings.

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