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Nodal Ninja Automatic Rewinding Guy Wire (6m or 9m)

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SKU F7144

Automatic rewinding stainless steel guy wire with lock, designed for use with Nodal Ninja Telescopic Pole System with maximum extension below 9m (for Pole Series 3) or 6m (for Travel Pole, Pole Series 1 and 2). When locked the guy wire can be tensioned by raising the pole a bit further up. When unlocked the guy wire extends/reels in as pole is extended/collapsed. The guy wires attaches to the Guy Wire Bearing on the pole. 

Guy Wire System adds support for Nodal Ninja Telescopic Poles and substantially enhances stability of pole in strong winds and/or when the loading is near the recommended maximum. Using a single guy wire unit is useful as a support or safety measure for horizontal pole application or when using the pole upside down.

Nodal Ninja SKU: F7143V. Keywords: guywire

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