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Nodal Ninja Lens Ring for Nikon (FF) 8-15mm F3.5-4.5E ED fisheye (Factory Irregular)

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Lens ring to mount a fisheye lens to a panoramic head.

Version for Nikon (FF) 8-15mm F3.5-4.5E ED fisheye

This is a new version of the ring that allows unobstructed use of lens controls.

Lens not included.

This lens ring can be used Nodal Ninja Ultimate R1/R10/R20, Ultimate M, Nodal Ninja RS and arca-swiss style clamps.

Features and Highlights

  • Plastic insert is placed between the outer metal ring and the lens. It is contoured to fit the lens and hence increase area of contact.
  • Large clamping area to reduce stress on the lens barrel, reducing the risk of damaging the lens.
  • Mounted close to the camera to reduce stress on the lens due to gravity of camera body
  • Rolling the camera/lens in any position including the popular 0, 60 and 90 degree positions
  • Index marks for every 90 degrees in the front and every 30 degrees at the back for easy alignment of roll of lens.
  • Permanently mounted to lens, making reproducible mounting possible, and much quicker to set up.
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Arca Swiss Style quick release design, can be mounted directly to other compatible systems
  • Great for use on a monopod or high pole.
  • Easy to install.

Optional accessories

  • Optional advanced rail stop to remember NPP setting

Package Includes

  • A complete Nodal Ninja Ultimate lens ring, consisting of outer metal ring, inner plastic ring and lens ring plate, assembled together, each part customized for your lens type
  • Hex keys, misc parts

Note: Always use a proper lens ring for your lens. Improper use of lens ring may cause stress and damage to the lens.

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