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Nodal Ninja RS-2 Starter Package

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Introducing the new Nodal Ninja RS-2 Spherical Panoramic Head. It's design is based on the fenomenal Nodal Ninja Ultimate R1/R10 combined with parts Nodal Ninja 4.

R1/R10 heads have become the obvious choice for a ultra compact and light weight setup for users of circular or cropped circular fisheye lens which has an angle of view close to or above 180 deg vertically or horizontally. However, for some combinations of cameras and lenses, their application is restricted to scenes with easy to patch zenith (top) and nadir (down) shots, due to their single row nature. The patching also requires higher skills in stitching and post processing.

Nodal Ninja RS2 brings a solution with its multi-row capability. It features a ring mount (SOLD SEPARATELY) with spherical pano head rotator. It allows zenith and nadir shots at the NPP (No-Parallax-Point) and makes stitching of multi-row pano an easy job. Lens ring mounts have NPP settings independent of the camera bodies making the sharing and verification of NPP setting a much easier task.

The NN RS-2 shares many parts and specifications of Nodal Ninja 4. It incorporates shorter lower rail with Nodal Ninja 4 standard rotator. It can also be mounted with Nodal Ninja Advanced Rotators, for example RD10 SP, RD16-II. Not compatible with Rotator Mini or RD8-II. Its upper rotator with NN4 15 degree positive lock stops incorporates an Arca-Swiss style clamp.

Package includes:

Nodal Ninja RS-2 Lower Rail with bubble level
Nodal Ninja 4 Rotator
Two rotator detent rings for 15/0 and 45/60 degree detent intervals
RS-2 Vertial Rail with 15 degree lock stops
Upper Rotator with Arca Style Clamp

Note that this listing DOES NOT INCLUDE LENS RING


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