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Nodal Ninja L-bracket for Pole Tripod Adapter

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This L-bracket for the tripod adapter for Nodal Ninja poles. Used to install the pole horizontally. Allows the pole to pass through and be locked. The Pole Tripod Adapter Lower Unit tightens to the base of the pole.

This product contains two units - Upper and Lower: One adapter each for Pole Tripod Adapter Upper Unit and Lower Unit. Each adapter adds a 3/8" socket for mounting the tripod adapter to the tripod top plate upright. The pole is oriented horizontally when mounted. Two tripods are needed for operation. 

Note: To mount F7335 to pole directly, a M6 Female to 3/8" Male Thread Adapter (F9201) must be installed on pole base first. F9201 is now included in tripod adapter lower units. If you don't have one, you can order one here.

Rotator Support

A supported rotator can be mounted in between for indexed rotation. A MECHA automated rotator is recommended to drive the pano head or camera directly at the end of the pole while the pole is locked from rotation. 


Only compatible with the latest batch of Tripod Adapters for Pole 1/2/3, that have 4 anti-twisting sockets added (SKU ending with "L"). Older tripod adapter can be easily modified by drilling 4 sockets (DIY).

Not compatible with Nodal Ninja Travel Pole

Travel Pole is less rigid and is not recommended for horizontal application. However, a plastic adapter ring can be made for using Travel Pole on Tripod Adapter for Pole 1/2. Contact us or for a special order. Tripod Adapter for Travel Pole is not supported. Use one for Pole 1/2 with custom adapter ring instead.

More information will be available soon.

See also: 
Nodal Ninja L-bracket for Tripod Adapter Upper Unit
Nodal Ninja L-bracket for Tripod Adapter Lower Unit 
(you need both upper and lower unit to make it work).

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