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Nodal Ninja R20 - Calibrating No-Parallax Point for Google and differences from Nodal Ninja R10

Posted by Jan Vrsinsky on

Here are correct no-parallax point settings for Nodal Ninja R20 that was announced some months ago. It is actually very easy to determine correct settings for R20 if you already know your settings for Nodal Ninja R10. 

R20 vs R10 upper clamp differences

·       R20 has QR Clamp closer to rotator axis than R10

·       R20 has a greater clamp offset value at NPP for the same tilt angle.

·       Offset of LRP values at a tilt angle is same, regardless of lens ring models.

Correct settings for Google R20 package

  • R20 with NEW V2 Lens Ring for Sigma 8mm F3.5 Nikon NPP 1.85 with LRP45x or LRP45XII rail plates
  • R20 with NEW V2 Lens Ring Canon 8-15 NPP: 2.5 with LRP45x or LRP45XII rail plates
  • R20 with NEW V2 Lens Ring Sigma 8mm F3.5 Canon NPP: 0.9 with LRP40 rail plate

Images © Nodal Ninja

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