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The Ultimate Map of All Nodal Ninja Tripod Adapters for Poles

Posted by Jan Vrsinsky on

Nodal Ninja tripod adapters are designed to keep your pole attached to the tripod. They are compatible with Pole Rotators and Nodal Ninja Advanced Rotators and can be used with all poles including the Travel Pole, Pole Series 1 or 2 or 3.


For which Pole Type Lower Upper Both Lower and Upper
Max Tripod Center Column Diameter
(on lower part)
Max Pole Diameter
(on upper part)
Center to Center Distance
TP B F7308 F7307 F7306 32mm 24mm 60mm
P1 & P2 A
F7310 - 43.5mm 75mm
P1 & P2
A Long F7315 F7314
105mm (long)
P1 & P2
B F7318 F7317 F7316 32mm 43.5mm 75mm
P1 & P2 B 37 F7321 F7320 F7319 37mm 43.5mm 75mm
P3 A
F7323 F7322 - 48.5mm 75mm
P3 A Long F7327 F7326 F7325 - 48.5mm 105mm (long)
P3 B F7330 F7329 F7328 32mm 48.5mm 75mm
P3 B 37
F7332 F7331 37mm 43.5mm 75mm

* if you find a mistake please let us know 

Upper and Lower Parts

Each tripod adapter has a lower part and upper part. You will need both parts for the tripod adapter to work properly. Poles need two joint points and the adapter spreads the bending torque over the length of the distance between upper and lower parts, greatly reducing the torque at the tripod top disk, rotator and pole base.


Type A or B

Type A requires a 3/8" stud screw at the bottom of tripod's central column. The Type B is can be used with more tripod types because it clamps onto the central column. Multiple plastic fittings are provided in the package for free with Type B adapters to accommodate various tripod center column widths. On the other hand if your tripod's central column is not supported, you won't be able to use Type B.


Center to Center Distance: Travel Pole (60mm), Normal (75mm) or Long (105mm)

Most of the tripod adapters offered are "Normal" size that fits most tripods. We also offer specialized custom Type Long adapters for tripods with big top plates to support pole to tripod central column distance of 105mm.


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