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What are the different variants of the Nodal Ninja 6?

Posted by Jan Vrsinsky on

Nodal Ninja 6 (NN6) is a climax of more than a decade of developing superior mechanical panoramic hardware by Fanotec/Nodal Ninja. It builds on the unprecedented vault of information and feedback from users of Nodal Ninja 4 and 5 is the first Nodal Ninja head incorporating robotic possibility to the design. 

The number of models in the Nodal Ninja 6 category can be confusing at first but it's actually easy if you divide it in groups: There are two main models: Nodal Ninja 6 Starter Package F6001 and Nodal Ninja 6 RD10 QR NA F6002

The main (and the only) difference between the F6001 and F6002 is whether the nadir adapter is present or not. The nadir adapter makes it easier to take a down shot - nadir shot - which is then used during stitching to make the tripod disappear from the final 360 degree spherical photo. The rule of thumb is that if you want to create landscape or multi row panoramas "only" you won't be needing the version with the nadir adapter. For 360 degree spherical photos you should get the nadir adapter version.  

Then there are two models without rotator both with and without a nadir adapter. The versions without rotators that are intended for those customers who already have a Nodal Ninja rotator or those who are planning to get a Nodal Ninja Mecha motorized rotator. Then there are versions with the RD16-II advanced rotator for those would would like to include a more advanced rotator with their NN6. 

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