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Nodal Ninja Pole Series 2 Complete Bundle - 6m pole, case, level, tripod adapter and rotator

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This bundle has everything you need to start using Nodal Ninja Pole Series 2 on a tripod.

Maximum extended height is 592cm.
The top of pole uses 3/8 male threads which allows for mounting of Nodal Ninja's (remember to lock NN lower rotator prior to mounting). 

Bundle includes: 
Nodal Ninja Pole Series 2 Complete
Nodal Ninja Pole Series 2 Case
Nodal Ninja Pole Series 2 Advanced Level
Nodal Ninja Tripod Adapter B (most popular)
Nodal Ninja Pole Rotator (most popular)

Portable, easy to use, lightweight and yet rigid pole for making aerial panoramas using traditional DSLRs. It can be extended to the maximum height in minutes simply by pushing up and locking each telescopic section. Ideal for on-the-go situations, travel, music festivals, construction documentation, landmark photography from elevated height and many other scenarios in which this pole gives your photos a new exciting perspective.

Nodal Ninja Carbon Fiber Pole Series 2 Complete Unit includes Series 2 Upper and Lower parts that slide onto each other. The unit is already assembled but you can take the two units apart and use the upper part separately if needed.



    Pole Series 2 Complete Unit

    Max Height

    592 cm 

    Compare with: 550 cm for Series 1

    Contracted Length

    119 cm

    Number of Tubes


    Tube Diameters

    24mm, 28mm, 32mm, 36mm, 39.5mm, 43.5mm

    Recommended External Level

    Nodal Ninja Pole Series 2 Level

    Max Load at Max Height

    2 kg


    Telescopic Carbon Fiber Aerial Poles for taking your your photography to new heights

    Nodal Ninja (Fanotec) poles are durable, stackable, portable and great for taking aerial virtual tours, photos above crowds of people and for reaching new points of view. Very useful for events, travel and professional photography.

    Suitable cameras: Anything from ultra compact to small DSLRs with built-in or interchangeable lenses to up to approximately 55 focal length.


    Nodal Ninja Carbon Fiber Pole System Features and Highlights: 

    • Thick cross-layered carbon fiber tubes for maximum rigidity and durability
    • Lightweight
    • Compact in size
    • Anti-rotation system maintains rigid azimuth / yaw locking / accuracy
    • Supports a large range of DSLRs (the only real limit is the maximum weight)
    • Standard 3/8" stud at the top and 3/8" female receiver at bottom for working with other accessories


    Poles are modular in design

    You can start up with a small module and gradually build up the height by stacking it to a larger module. Each module can be used independently (additional parts needed), creating an array of short poles with different stiffness for different applications, such as horizontal pole for cliff panoramas.



    • Nodal Ninja Carbon Fiber Poles conduct electricity very well. Please take extreme caution when raising and using these poles around electrical wires.
    • Nodal Ninja poles are NOT designed to be mounted directly onto a rigid tripod. The pole base can be damaged by the added torque generated with the use of camera and lens at full extension. Please see Tripod Adapters for mounting on tripods.

    Horizontal Use

    Horizontal and 45º degree tilt use is possible but only at your own risk. We recommend not extending the pole fully, or using some kind of support, such as a string to hold the weight of the camera, or some other kind of support from the bottom. If you stress the pole too much while using it in the horizontal position it can damage the carbon fiber structure. If you want to experiment with horizontal use of poles we recommend starting with the lower extension part for Series 1 and 2 which is due to its width the most durable.


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