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Standard ISO Hot Shoe to PC Sync Adapter

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This makes use of the signal from the hot shoe during exposure as a confirmation of shutter release. High end cameras have PC Sync port. For cameras without PC Sync port, an Hot Shoe to PC Sync adapter is needed.

Available variants:

JJC JSC-2  for typical cameras with Standard ISO Hot Shoe. This is a hot shoe for portable flashes that features a PC female outlet. It has a "hot" contact on the top, and a shoe mount socket in the bottom.
Customers not sure which options to choose should choose this option.

JJC JSC-6 for cameras with Sony Auto-lock Accessory Shoe (AAS) or Minolta iISO (intelligent ISO) flash shoe. This is a Sony/Maxxum to Standard ISO Hot Shoe allows you to use a standard (ISO) hot shoe with a Sony or Minolta Maxxum camera using a proprietary hot shoe. The adapter also has an extra PC female outlet. 
You should select the JSC-6 version ONLY if your hot shoe has this shape (otherwise select JSC-2)
JJC JSC-8 is a hot shoe adapter for portable flashes that features one PC female outlets and one 3.5mm mini phone socket. It has a "hot" contact on the top, and a shoe mount on the bottom. The shoe mount on the bottom easily slides to your camera hot shoe mount. Then you will be able to use the screw to tight it on your camera. The “hot” contact on the top allows you mount a flash on it. The PC female outlets and one 3.5mm mini phone socket help your camera to extend two shoe mounts for other accessories. Now you will be able to connect more accessories to meet your different lighting needs.