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Object Turntable for 360 product photography, diameter 25cm + 5 color cloths

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SKU F9102

Object movie turntable for 360-degree product photography. Diameter 254mm (10"). Intended to be mounted on "any" Nodal Ninja advanced rotator.

See also a complete bundle: Nodal Ninja Mecha Turntable - Automatic Robotic Object Movie Stand

Suitable rotators if purchased separately:

Nodal Ninja Mecha E1
Nodal Ninja RD5
Nodal Ninja RD8-II 
Nodal Ninja RD10
Nodal Ninja RD10 SP
Nodal Ninja RD16-II

You can also disassemble a upper rotator from any Nodal Ninja Mecha for turntable use.

Mounting kit compatible for all mentioned rotators is supplied with this turntable, including a special mounting screw for the Nodal Ninja Mecha.

Turntable cloths (5 colors) are included in this set for free.

See also: Youtube guide for Mecha Turntable.

SKU: F9100, F9101, F9102


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