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Fanotec Lens Caps

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Fanotec Lens Caps
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Stackable rear lens caps are sold in pairs. A threaded ring that holds two lens caps together is included in each package. The lens caps can be attached to it by an extra thread at the back of each lens cap. It is therefore easy to carry around two connected lenses.

F6900 Fanotec Lens caps

choose from:
F6900-1 Fanotec Rear Lens Cap for Canon EF-M Mount
F6900-2 Fanotec Rear Lens Cap for Fujiflm X-Mount
F6900-3 Fanotec Rear Lens Cap for Micro Four Thirds Mount
F6900-4 Fanotec Rear Lens Cap for Nikon 1 Mount
F6900-5 Fanotec Rear Lens Cap for Samsung NX Mount
F6900-6 Fanotec Rear Lens Cap for Sony E-Mount


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