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Nodal Ninja Ultimate M2 without lower rotator

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SKU F8000X

Nodal Ninja Ultimate M2 Modular System is the designers dream come true. It is based on Arca-Swiss Style quick mount system, the industry standard for high end photography. The M2 is a design with many years of refinement, integrating years of feature wishes from customers. Created for photographers making high resolution panoramas or mosaics with super telephoto lenses up to 700mm. Furthermore, it can act as a gimbal arm for smooth rotation of heavy telephoto lenses at its center of gravity.

Features and Highlights of Nodal Ninja Ultimate M2 

  • Precision CNC machined from aircraft T6061 aluminum and anodized, meaning high precision, accuracy, durability and long lifetime
  • Modular design means easy upgrade from previous model and to future models
  • Support long telephoto lens up to 3kg (6.6 lb) in weight
  • Full bearing loaded rotators for smooth and steady rotation
  • Upper rotator with adjustable friction to serve as a gimbal arm
  • Upper rotator with laser marked index ring with fine 2.5° intervals.
  • Upper rotator upgradeable (optional) with precise positive stops up to 1.5° finest intervals
  • Upper and lower rotators with indicators for starting and ending positions, ideal for making mosaics with a large number of images. Photographers can first compose the mosaic, then set the starting and ending positions horizontally and vertically. The indicators will make sure no images are missed and no excessive images are taken. 

Package Includes:

  • QRC-55 (Lower Rotator Quick Release Clamp) Jaw length: 65mm 116g
  • MFR-210 Double Dovetail (Lower Rail) Length: 210mm 230g
  • MFVR-170C Double Dovetail Vertical Rail with Integral QR Clamp (Vertical Rail) 242g
  • M2 Upper Rotator with variable friction for up and down tilting of the camera (see features below)
  • QRC-65 (Upper Rotator Quick Release Clamp), Jaw length: 65mm 116g
  • MFR-210 Double Dovetail (Upper Rail) Length: 210mm 230g
  • QRC-40A (Upper Rail End Clamp) Jaw length: 40mm 72.5g
  • Case
  • Hex keys and misc parts
  • DOES NOT INCLUDE CAMERA PLATE! (it is necessary to order a camera plate for your camera or you can use an Arca-Swiss compatible plate you already own)

Upper M2 rotator features: 

  • Laser marked index ring with fine 2.5º intervals
  • Can be used as a gimbal arm for smooth rotation of very heavy telephoto lenses at their center of gravity
  • Supports up to 700mm equivalent focal length with camera in landscape orientation, or 465mm equivalent in portrait orientation (RD8-II rotator is required for these high focal lengths to ensure correct overlap of photos not only in the vertical movement with upper rotator but also for horizontal movement with RD8-II)


Optional Upgrades (sold separately)

Lens ring mount for compatible lenses

Nodal Ninja Ultimate M Nadir adapter

QRC 40L Clamp (F2102)

Arca-Swiss Stop plates for remembering the no-parallax-point


Recommended lower rotators for horizontal rotation of M2:


  • Weight: 450g 
  • Available detent intervals: 30°, 15°, 6°, 5°, 4°, 3°, 2.5°, 2° to support:
    < 465mm lens focal length in portrait mode,
    < 700mm lens focal length in landscape mode. 


  • Available detent intervals: 120°, 90°, 60, 45°, 36°, 30°, 24°, 20°, 18°, 15°, 12°, 10°, 7.5°, 6°, 5°, 3.75° to support:
    < 265mm lens focal length in portrait mode,
    < 400mm lens focal length in landscape mode.




Guides and Manuals

How To Shoot 360º User Guides and Manuals

 Nodal Ninja Ultimate M1-S & M1-L Quick Reference Guide

 Nodal Ninja Ultimate M1-S Quick Reference Guide

 Nodal Ninja Ultimate M1-L Quick Reference Guide

 Nodal Ninja Nadir Adapter for Ultimate M Manual

comes in two variants:

Regular - Standard quality product

Factory Irregular - Price valid only while stock lasts! New and unused. Bears a hidden "Factory Irregular" or "FIR" sign. Some of the units show minor signs of irregularity in the finish/coating which are usually very hard to find. Fully functional and with full money back guarantee as all other Nodal Ninja regular products. There were some minor changes in design and appearance of some parts. Some old parts left over may be used to build this Factory Irregular bundle. Supply is limited!


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