Nodal Ninja R1 Mecha - Automatic Robotic Panoramic Head (BETA)

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SKU F9905-F6100

Nodal Ninja Mecha Automatic Robotic Head in a bundle with Nodal Ninja R1 panoramic head.

This special bundles consists of:

  • Nodal Ninja Mecha F9905: E1 rotator + Single Axis Controller (SAC)
  • Nodal Ninja R1 head (F6100)
  • Optional lens ring if you select it
  • Free hard case that fits both Mecha and R1 when assembled
  • USB charging cable
  • Optional included for free if you select it: Remote shutter sync cable
  • Optional included for free if you select it: Free remote shutter cable (see Mecha product description for details)
  • Optional included for free if you select it: Free remote shutter confirmation hot shoe (see Mecha product description for details)

For description and features please see descriptions of respective products.

Some photos are illustrative only.


Bearing and gear are classified as consumables and not covered by warranty (for more details please see description of the Nodal Ninja Mecha product)

By purchasing this product you agree that this product is sold as BETA limited first release before official introduction to market (hence reduced price). Each unit is a tested prototype but there can be bugs in unforeseen circumstances or environments. If your unit has a fault that significantly negatively influences its function or safety we will replace it under warranty. We welcome and feedback on software and user interface as it may be frequently updated after purchase.

Mecha Warranty: 2 years legal warranty against hidden manufacturer defects, the warranty does not cover the usage wear of internal gear of the E1 motor

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