Nodal Ninja Mecha E1 Motor and Controller - Automatic Robotic Panoramic Head

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Motor E1 (F9900) for single axis control of a Nodal Ninja Mecha system and a Mecha controller (F9910) for controlling the motor. Supports Nodal Ninja R1, R10, R20, Turntable, NN3 MK1, NN3 MK2, NN3 MK3 (heads sold separately). 

Supports smaller cameras and mid-range DSLRs. Maximum supported load for the Mecha E1 is 2kg including camera, lens and panoramic head. Later versions will follow allowing for larger panoramic heads (NN6, M series) and heavier cameras and of shooting at longer focal lengths.

The manufacturer states that the rotator has been tested thoroughly for the load specified and we believe it will outlast 100,000 panos (test sequence for 28mm eq. focal length: 12 columns x 3 rows + zenith and nadir). Overloading or using in unusual angles (e.g. upside down) will reduce the lifetime of bearing and gear. Worn bearing will introduce more play in rotator and cause instability. Worn gear will significantly increase backlash and reduce accuracy and precision of rotator. Bearing and gear are classified as consumables and not covered by warranty. Customers are liable for the cost of labor and parts for the replacement (approx 60 EUR).

Total weight: 492g.

Support cameras up to 2kg or 1.25kg at 8cm from pivot, 1Nm output torque.

Heavier loads may require a slower RPM speed for smoother rotation. Recommended ideal operating weight load is 3.3lbs (1.5kg) but should not exceed 2kg. Loads less than 3.3lbs (1.5kg), select a speed 6-12 RPM, with "medium load" profile. Loads greater than 3.3lbs (1.5kg) up to 4.4lbs (2kg), select a speed 6-9 RPM or slower, with "heavy load" profile.


Mecha Motor E1 Key Features:

The motorized rotator head will support up to 2kg vertical loading and 1Nm turning torque. It is lightweight, quiet and power efficient. Together with the Single Axis Controller (F9910), it automates the panning axis of Nodal Ninja R1/10/20 series as well as the Nodal Ninja 3 (MK1 to MK3), RS1 and RS2 series. It is NOT recommended for larger Nodal Ninjas NN6 and M Series (stronger Mecha Rotators to accommodate greater weights are to be introduced later). Together with a "dual axis" controller (also to be introduced), two E1 rotators can be added to motorize Nodal Ninja MK3 pan and tilt axes for multi-row application.

Mecha Single Axis Controller C1 Features:
  • Supports one Mecha E1 rotator (controller for two motors will be introduced later)
  • Compact controller with built in battery and charger.
  • Two NCR18650GA 7.2v 3300mAh high capacity batteries.
  • WIFI remote control for smartphones, tablets, PCs by using simple web page interface.
  • Supports linking and controlling multiple controllers via WIFI, connection via a wifi access point, over the air firmware upgrade and remote control over the internet.
  • 3 buttons to run presets stored in the memory, which can be configured via the web page inteface.
  • 5 LEDs to indicate the remaing battery capacity.
  • CAM port with opto-isolated trigger for focus and shutter release. The CAM port is compatible with many 2.5mm stereo remote shutter cords.
  • Multipurpose AUX port (to be implemented with future firmware upgrade) for shutter confirmation, Radio Frequency Start/Stop remote trigger, wired Start/Stop trigger or IR remote emitter etc. 
  • Also suitable for NN3 with lower axis motorized - for rotating around, dual axis controller that includes tilting up and down to be announced soon


Remote Shutter Release Cable (CAM port)
The cable ensures camera triggering and focus lock. As a special offer this cable is provided free of charge to all Mecha preorders. You must select your desired cable from available in order notes or contact us with your selection before shipping of your order otherwise we will ship your order without a cable. You can see the list of options here: Mecha remote shutter cable, where you can also purchase additional cables if you need more than the one provided for free. Compatible cameras are listed here: Note that the free offer applies only to the cables available. If you need a cable other than the one available you will need to get it on your own. The CAM port on the Mecha is compatible with many 2.5mm 3rd party stereo remote shutter cords.  Note that we don't list compatible cameras. You will need to find your camera in the compatibility list. The reference is the manufacturer's original remote trigger device.


Shutter Release Confirmation Cable and Hotshoe
This feature makes use of the signal from the hot shoe during exposure as a confirmation of shutter release. High end cameras have PC Sync port. A PC sync cable will be included free of charge for each Mecha Controller (no need to ask for it). For cameras without PC Sync port, an optional Hot Shoe to PC Sync adapter is needed. As a special offer for pre-order customers, this adapter can also be included free of charge if you ask for it in order notes. In that case please let us know your selected type from the options listed at the dedicated page: Shutter Confirmation Hotshoe for the Nodal Ninja Mecha. If you don't select a hotshoe your order will ship without it (we will assume you are not insterested in this feature).


These special bundles are available during the early bird sale:

  • F9905: E1 rotator + Single Axis Controller (SAC)
  • F9905-F6100: E1 + SAC + Nodal Ninja R1 head only (F6100) + Free hard case
  • F9905-F6170: E1 + SAC + Nodal Ninja R20 head only (F6170) + Free hard case
  • F9905-F3118: E1 + SAC + Nodal Ninja NN3 MKII head only (F3118)
  • F9905-F3305: E1 + SAC + Nodal Ninja NN3 MK3 head only (F3305)
  • F9905-F3307: E1 + SAC + Nodal Ninja NN3 MK3 head only with nadir adapter (F3307)

Vendor bundle SKU: F9905V, F9905Vb

Note that these two are also available as separate products:
- F9910: Single axis controller (SAC) ONLY
- F9900: Mecha E1 Rotator ONLY
Warranty: 2 years legal warranty against hidden manufacturer defects, the warranty does not cover the usage wear of internal gear of the E1 motor

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