Lock Ring for Nodal Ninja R1 Zenith Nadir Adapter (to fit 24 to 32mm)

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SKU F6674
Select tripod central column width variant

The lock ring for Nodal Ninja R-Series Zenith Nadir Adapter. It allows to preset the shift of height to keep the same distance of the no-parallax point from the ground for the nadir/zenith shot from Nodal Ninja R1/R10/R20 heads.

Available tripod central column width variants:

  • F6674 - 28 mm (most common)
  • F6670 - Universal - will fit tripod columns from 24 to 28mm
  • F6671 - 24 mm
  • F6672 - 25 mm
  • F6673 - 26 mm
  • F6675 - 32 mm

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