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NODAL NINJA Lens Ring V2 - Canon 8-15mm - With Control Access (fir)

Nodal Ninja

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Nodal Ninja Lens Ring is designed for use with the Nodal Ninja Ultimate R1/R10, Ultimate M and RS Pano Heads which have become popular due to their compactness and ease of use. Lens rings are built with special attention to the safety of the lens. Can be also used with Nodal Ninja Ultimate R10 for Google Business Views (Google Trusted Photographers). Purchase when you are getting a panorama head without a lens ring or if you need a different lens ring.


This lens ring is designed for Canon 8-15mm lens. Important: Always use a proper lens ring for your lens. Improper use of lens ring may cause stress and damage to the lens.

Introducing the New Lens Ring "V2" 

Nodal Ninja customers have been asking for modifications of existing lens rings to allow full access of controls on the lens. We've made modifications to the plastic insert and outer metal ring to allow for reading the focus distance in both landscape and portrait orientations. And in some cases, switch(es) on the lens can also be accessed through these windows. As with V1 the new V2 is compatible with Nodal Ninja Ultimate R1, R10, RS1/2, and Nodal Ninja Ultimate M series model heads.

Mounting Ring To Google R10 Panorama Head
  • When mounting your lens ring to the clamp on the panorama head make sure you set the right shift according the information below. If you use the plastic stop (included for free in our warehouse with every Google package), your panorama head will set up automatically. However we do ask customers to double check the settings:
  • Proper settings for lens rings V1
    • Canon F4 8-15 = 1.8
    • Sigma F3.5 8mm for Canon = 0.85
    • Sigma F3.5 8mm for Nikon = 1.4
  • Proper settings for lens rings V2
    • Canon F4 8-15 = 2.1
    • Sigma F3.5 8mm for Canon = 0.45
    • Sigma F3.5 8mm for Nikon = 1.4

    Features and Highlights

    • Modifications to the plastic insert and outer metal ring to allow for reading the focus distance in both landscape and portrait orientations.
    • Plastic insert is placed between the outer metal ring and the lens. It is contoured to fit the lens and hence increase area of contact.
    • Large clamping area to reduce stress on the lens barrel, reducing the risk of damaging the lens.
    • Mounted close to the camera to reduce stress on the lens due to gravity of camera body
    • Rolling the camera/lens in any position including the popular 0, 60 and 90 degree positions
    • Index marks for every 90 degrees in the front and every 30 degrees at the back for easy alignment of roll of lens.
    • Permanently mounted to lens, making reproducible mounting possible, and much quicker to set up.
    • Compact and lightweight
    • Arca Swiss Compatible quick release design, can be mounted directly to other Arca Swiss compatible systems without using R1 or R10.
    • Great for use on a monopod or high pole.
    • Easy to install.

    Optional accessories

    • Optional advanced rail stop to remember NPP setting

    Package Includes

    • A complete Nodal Ninja Ultimate lens ring V2, consisting of outer metal ring, inner plastic ring and lens ring plate, assembled together, each part customised for your lens type
    • Hex keys, misc parts


    fir = Factory clearance sale in progress. These items are new, unopened, fully functional items with full 5 year warranty. Regarding the the FIR mark Manufacturer states that these fir products may show some minor signs or irregularity in how they look or in the finish/coating. The warranty does not cover these irregularities but it is actually very hard to spot these problems due to very high standards of the Nodal Ninja Quality Assurance process.


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