Nodal Ninja Ultimate M Nadir Adapter

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Ultimate M nadir adapter allows to take an unobstructed nadir (90 degree down) shot quickly. It is as simple as unlocking the adapter, rotating it by 180 degrees and locking it again. Taking sharp nadir shot is then just a matter of pressing the shutter release button.

It also adds to the height of the vertical rail, providing enough clearance for zenith (90 degree up) shot for many lenses. 

Built with the structure of a rotator with fully lubricated bearings, it is as sturdy as a rock. It is compact and acts as an integrated part of the Ultimate M modular system.

It is a must have accessory for anyone shooting an unobstructed down shot, especially important if shooting HDR.

Note: You should move the tripod to compensate for the displacement of the camera caused by the rotation of the nadir adapter.

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