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Smartphone 3D Virtual Reality Headset

by H0mido
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Enter Virtual Reality Through Your Smartphone

H0mido is a virtual reality headset. Just download the

H0mido app and turn your smartphone in your personal virtual reality device.

Main Features

  • Completely Wireless - No cables for complete immersive experience
  • Android and iOS compatible
  • Adjustable IPD to adjust lenses to your eyes
  • 100 degree field of view for an incredible immersion
  • Comfortable and ergonomic, crafted with an attention to detail to please you
  • Glass wearers mode with far-sighted, near-sigted and normal setting
  • Does not need recharging
  • Does not need its own display, instead it uses your own smartphone's display and special lenses that allow you to focus on it


360 Degree Video

Watch 360° spherical videos. This is H0mido's most impressive feature. When watching 360° content you can immerse yourself in the virtual environment and look around in all directions.


3D Movies

H0mido is 100% with today's 3D movies. The binocular vision mode and stereoscopic lenses make it an awesome 3D movie watching device anywhere you are.


3D Games

H0mido creates a brand new experience by combining 3D gaming experience with a VR headset. Immerse yourself in the virtual environment and look around in all directions.