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Upgrade Kit for Nodal Ninja 3 MK2 Mecha Dual Axis - For customers who already have a Mecha E1C1

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SKU F9906-2

Upgrade kit for dual axis Mecha - For customers who already have 1x Mecha E1C1

Creates together: Dual axis pan tilt 360/VR panoramic head solution from Nodal Ninja / Fanotec with full automation of both axis. Parts from NN3 MK2 and NN4 are used, together with 2 Mecha E1 Rotators and 2 C1 Controllers which are wirelessly linked together.

This bundle can be used as a single-axis horizontal rotator for single row shooting or you can use a dual-axis rotator for both horizontal and vertical movements. The Mecha E1 and C1 is modular in design, paving the way for future low-cost upgrade paths. 

This setup supports a camera/lens up to 1.25kg (2.75 lb) and NPP up to 105mm from the pivot point making it ideal for mirrorless, compact and lighter DSLR cameras. You can shoot 360° panoramas or even high-resolution gigapixel images with this bundle.
Note that all the rails are already included, you don't need to own a NN3 head
  • 1x Nodal Ninja Mecha E1 Rotator
  • 1x Nodal Ninja Mecha C1 Controller
  • NN4 lower Rail
  • NN3 MK 2 Upper Horizontal Rail
  • NN3 MK 2 Vertical Rail
  • 1.2m Long Shutter Release Cable for Dual-Axis Mecha 
  • Case
  • Free Turntable and cloths (F9100)
  • Misc.

REQUIRES: 1x Nodal Ninja Mecha E1C1 Rotator and Controller