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Upgrade Kit for Nodal Ninja 3 MK3 Mecha Dual Axis - No Mechas (+Free Case)

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Upgrade kit for dual axis Mecha - For customers who already have 2x Mecha E1C1 and a NN3 MK3.

Includes mounting parts and a free case.

- 1x NN3 MK3 needed for this kit to work (no lower rotator needed)
- 2x
Nodal Ninja Mecha E1C1 Rotator and Controller


Important: Long Remote Shutter Release Cable (not included)

The cable ensures camera triggering and focus lock. Any camera supporting a wired remote shutter release cable is compatible with MECHA. The CAM port on the Mecha is compatible with many 2.5mm 3rd party stereo remote shutter cords. You can use your own cable or purchase a cable from us hereMecha remote shutter cables (LONG). A longer cable is recommended for the dual axis application to ensure the cable does not get tangled.


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